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Elizabeth's Story

A deadly lie is being told that the abortion pill is safe. The media and abortion activists say that taking the abortion pill is simply like experiencing a heavy period. The actual risks and side effects are not explained.

Elizabeth's Story

With misleading safety claims, it’s no surprise that over 50 percent of abortions in the United States are now happening via the abortion pill…and this percentage is only increasing.

Abortion activists have proven they do not want to share the truth. However, women who have experienced the lies and trauma are speaking out. 

LIVE ACTION have a new video series titled “I Saw My Baby” and the first four videos have been released. These videos feature the stories of women who took the deadly abortion pill at home and saw their aborted babies – something the abortion industry does not tell women about or prepare them for.

Please be advised that these videos are tragic and contain graphic details that may be disturbing to some.

I Saw My Baby: Natalia’s Story | Live Action - View

I Saw My Baby: Kirsty’s Story | Live Action - View

I Saw My Baby: Elizabeth’s Story | Live Action - View

I Saw My Baby: Monica’s Story | Live Action - View

As you’ve probably heard, the FDA recently paved the way for pharmacies like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid to dispense the deadly drugs, turning neighborhood pharmacies into abortion facilities.

Women are not told the truth about the risks associated with the abortion pill, including the tragic reality that every abortion brutally ends the life of a developing child in the womb.

Women are not informed how the abortion pill cocktail starves the baby to death by cruelly depriving nutrients to the developing child.

They are not told about the heavy bleeding and painful cramping many women experience after taking the drugs.

They are not given the fact that babies during this point of pregnancy are rapidly developing in the womb. There is a beating heart, fingers, toes, a face, and perfectly formed organs.

Many women have instant regret after they take the first pill, mifepristone, and have some level of realization that what they just did was a mistake. But they are not being told about the abortion pill reversal regimen that – if done in time – can save their baby’s life.

Each of these testimonies provides honest, life-saving, powerful truths everyone needs to hear – in less than 2 minutes. 

The abortion pill is not safe, and it will never be medicine. Medicine is meant to heal – not to kill.

The trauma and pain that women experience during and after the abortion pill regimen must be revealed.


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