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Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a number of answers in their respective categories to the most asked questions on abortion.


  • Seek medical help if you experience psychological effects, or
  • Contact LifeLine on 2033 0023. They offer post-abortion trauma counseling.

  • You can contact Save One, abroad or LifeLine Malta
  • LifeLine Malta offer confidential and non-judgmental counselling as well as SaveOne Courses to help bring healing and hope to women like you who often find themselves feeling alone after having had an abortion. This is a 10-step programme offering an effective healing process to anyone affected by abortion, whether directly or indirectly
  • Talking about your situation is helpful. If you cannot do this with family or friends, seek the help of a professional. LifeLine offer post-abortive care in both individual and group settings. Whether you had your abortion yesterday or 20 years ago, they can schedule an appointment or connect you to SaveOne where you can immediately speak to a professional about what you are going through.